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    Cok iyi 120 cap 12 dg mı yoksa 13 dg mi ?
    Eskiler Tanır Yeniler Örnek Alır (Kissofsteps- FeeLMyPoweR)

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    Char adı Kissofstep (bazıları kaldırılmız olabilir !!)
    1- http://forum.donanimhaber.com/m_80645381...m#80645381
    2- http://www.gamexen.com/silkroad-private-...#post18586
    3- http://www.frmtr.com/silk-road-private-s...st51568036
    4- http://www.turkmmo.com/silkroad-pvp-serv...oject.html
    5- http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/private...st24712619
    6- http://forumgm.10tl.net/showthread.php?t...93#pid9193
    7- http://oyuncudostu.net/forum/threads/sil...ect.11787/
    8- http://www.forumexe.com/frm/silkroad-onl...ost5429878
    9- http://www.oyunbozan.biz/threads/5522-Si...#post31933
    10- http://www.metin2forum.com/silkroad-onli...post874520
    11- http://www.forum.bbs.tr/silkroad-online/...#post55122
    12- http://www.gamerare.net/Konu-Silkroad-R-...0#pid40040
    13- http://www.mmoserverlar.com/forum/silkro...01#pid4801
    14- http://www.mmotutkunlari.com/threads/146.../#post2431
    15- http://www.gevezeforum.net/showthread.ph...post146344
    Eskiler Tanır Yeniler Örnek Alır (Kissofsteps- FeeLMyPoweR)

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    Merry Kapanınca Event iptal oldu xD yinede Teşekkürler.
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    ne diyim Big Grin rango sag olsun Big Grin
    Eskiler Tanır Yeniler Örnek Alır (Kissofsteps- FeeLMyPoweR)

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    Hello. And Bye.
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