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    waw bu unigeyi görmemiştim görmüş oldum Big Grin
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    <small>Sunucu yuku fazla oldugundan xmlhttp.php devre disi birakildi</small>
    Ahahaha aynen bende (: Gz
    Red : Nuker
    Redish : Bow
    Bu serverde bana yardım eden yegane 2 kişiye teşekkür ediyorum.
    Biri Revolution : Ege
    Diğeride Chilla : Semih abim.
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    I dont remember if AWB had this or not, but could one make it such that not only can you see who posted last in a forum, but also what topic that post was in?

    What was posted in is more important than who posted it IMO...
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    Hello. And Bye.
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