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    En Masse Shows Upcoming Rollout of Content Updates for TERA
    En Masse Entertainment revealed today the schedule of articles and activities coming from May to ps4 tera gold.

    Take turns attacking and protecting Corsairs' Stronghold in extreme 20 versus 20 action.

    Throughout the entire month, players can expect new updates and content to show up on PlayStation?4 and Xbox One on a weekly basis beginning off on May 5 with the game's earliest Item Pass Delivery along with a brand new five-player dungeon set for level 65 characters. The next week, players will have the ability to check their PvP skills using a fresh level-65 battleground called Corsairs' Stronghold, where two teams of 20 players will switch between protecting the store and attacking it in a best-of-three siege mode.

    "Following the successful launch of buy tera gold uson Xbox One and PlayStation 4, our next aim is maintaining the community engaged with exciting new sport content," said Matt Denomme, Sr.. Item Manager at En Masse Entertainment. "We've got a solid month planned outside for gamers of all preferences and kinds in May, and that is just the beginning. There's even new content ahead that we are convinced both veteran and new players will be very pleased to experience."
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